Special cleaning and basic cleaning

Cleaning service for special requirements


The time for particularly intensive cleaning work depends on the general conditions. More often, special cleaning takes place in hygienically sensitive areas. In addition, a basic cleaning is often welcome after new construction or renovation.

Even ceilings in production halls and sanitary facilities are thoroughly cleaned once or twice a year.

Our inventory needs its spring cleaning and floor coverings want to be freed now and again from unnecessary care stories. We work fast, safe, thorough and think in hard-to-reach places as well.

The special cleaning: specialists for special tasks

We clean everything in your building. And also have the right experts and solutions for special cases. For special cleaning we include cleaning services beyond the traditional cleaning of buildings, which are not already covered by the maintenance cleaning, glass cleaning and facade cleaning.

Multi-Service Gebäudedienstleistung GmbH in the Frankfurt area carries out special cleaning with expertise and full commitment. Wherever specialized knowledge and special efforts are required to remove dirt, our special cleaning teams are used. Regardless of whether it is a sophisticated air conditioning system cleaning, escalator cleaning, computer and display cleaning, we offer a competent service that is tailored to your exact needs. We solve all tasks related to the special cleaning.

We clean according to HACCP 
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Special cleaning & basic cleaning // Our services

  • Carpet cleaning: proven, effective cleaning methods - be it the basic cleaning (shampooing with spray extraction or stain removal) or the intermediate cleaning (spray extraction or yarn pad procedure)
  • Special cleaning of lamps and other lighting fixtures
  • Special cleaning of ceiling areas
  • Cleaning of floors: parquet, PVC, stone, hard floors
  • Special cleaning of air conditioners
  • Cleaning of computer systems
  • Special cleaning, such as according to HACCP requirements in the food industry and much more.

Latest modification: 23.10.2023