Facade cleaning and preservation of monuments

Facade cleaning, facade renovation, preservation of monuments


Even the outer skin of a building is damaged if it is not maintained and cleaned for a long time. Since facades are also reference objects, the work-up in the aftermath devours a lot of money. It is more economical to clean up now and then.

Dirt particles from the air, or also flying around pollen and plant seeds, can attack in particular historical facades quickly. We are your reliable partner and work facades and monuments professionally and safely.

Facade cleaning with subsequent long-term protection

Most façade soiling is due to the growth of algae and fungi.

If algae on facades become a problem, they should be removed as soon as possible. If the plaster itself is still in order, the facade does not have to be repainted but simply cleaned well!

Multi-service building services has taken on this task and specialized in the algae removal of facade surfaces with final facade protection. And that WITHOUT expensive repainting!

Trust in our decades of experience. Due to our transparent disinfection coating, which is applied after the algae treatment, your façade has sustainable protection against algae attack. Our process is about -70% cheaper than a new paint and therefore very cheap.
With special telescopic lances we can treat facades up to 12 m high from the ground. For higher objects we use aerial work platforms. Thus, there are no expensive scaffolding costs for you.

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Latest modification: 23.10.2023