Multi-service carpet care is more than just carpet cleaning

Innovative carpet cleaning with spray extraction equipment and single-disc machines

Fotolia_232315752_S_Teppichreinigung.jpgWhen it comes to thorough, innovative, fiber-friendly and hygienic carpet cleaning, Multi-Service from Sulzbach is your reliable partner! Different materials demand adapted, modern and professional cleaning methods. The cleaning of carpets remains a challenge.

You have chosen your carpets with care and your value in appearance and wellbeing is great. It would be a great pity to see the age of your carpets. This need not be. Customers are interested in the fiber, structure, color and pattern of the carpet - we look at your carpet from a technical point of view.

We differentiate in terms of cleaning technology different materials and treat them accordingly. The result is impressive. So, before investing again, it may be worthwhile restoring the old.

Through many years of experience in the cleaning of carpets, our expertise is confirmed by well-known commercial customers.

Special results in carpet and upholstery cleaning through the use of special pads and spray extraction equipment

  • Due to the high-performance vacuum of the spray extraction equipment, drying is guaranteed in three to five hours.
  • Lightly moist cleaning with special pads, without moisture and without influence on the humidity, so that a cleaning in the commercial sector has no effect on products and the running business.
  • Mite-free, hygienic and cleansing deep into the fibers.
  • Professional cleaning of upholstered furniture and home textiles through the use of steam cleaners.

Disadvantages of conventional carpet cleaning

  • Dirt gets stuck in the lower fabric
  • Odor & mildew due to moisture and long drying times
  • No value retention
  • Mites infestation by wet and long drying times

Our services

Our principles include thorough, innovative, fiber-sparing and dust mite-free cleaning. Our cleaning by steam cleaner and spray extraction reaches the dirt that penetrates into the deep fibers of daily use of carpets and upholstered furniture.

Even stubborn dirt can be eliminated without a trace. The fibers are strengthened and maintained with each cleaning, so that the colors maintain their original luminosity and shine in long-lasting cleanliness.

Cleaning carpets in commercial areas such as hotels, restaurants, arcades, movie theaters, offices, and your private carpets ...

  • firmly laid carpets
  • loosely laid carpets
  • Silk and designer carpets
  • Sling velor
  • Tufting and Berber carpets
  • Oriental carpets
  • Upholstery & Home Textiles
  • Stain treatment and impregnation
  • Cleaning car seats and covers

Quality: Innovative technology guarantees optimum cleanliness and - above all - the value retention of a carpet.

Passion: Knowledge, experience and tact are the nuts and bolts of multi-service carpet care. With us your carpet is in good hands.

We look forward to your inquiry and are available for further information in a personal conversation. Of course, our service includes a free consultation.

Latest modification: 23.10.2023