Porter services and reception services for a good first impression

Porter services and reception services because security starts at the entrance

Fotolia_131011537_S_Empfangsdienste.jpgWe offer trained and disciplined staff for your reception area. Find a reliable partner. Of course, we also have a license for temporary employment. Contact us.

Through our many years of experience, we ensure a reliable and friendly welcome of your guests and employees in your company! Our clients include corporate and government buildings as well as industrial and commercial properties.

For the first impression, there is often no second chance! We are aware that receiving in your company is a key feature. With sympathy and competence, Multi-Service Gebäudedienste GmbH is your partner for your reception service and porter service. Our reception and gate personnel are specially trained to handle important security tasks responsibly!

Property protection and security services

You have a particularly inviting office building and for security reasons you prefer to decide for yourself who will come in and who will not? We take care of your property protection and ensure that troublemakers have no chance on your premises or in your house. Even at night, on weekends and public holidays, we take care of you around the clock.

You decide which visitors are allowed to enter your company. And with our specially trained staff, we ensure that your visitors always have the right contact person in your company - friendly and competent. This access control serves your operational safety and thus reduces the risk for people, goods and equipment.

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Latest modification: 23.10.2023