Glass cleaning and frame cleaning

Your window cleaner in the Rheine-Main area makes a clear view

Fotolia_46941095_M_Glas_Rahmen_Reinigung.jpgWe also give you a crystal-clear view and a brilliant impression! From the window, over glass doors, glass facades to conservatories. Special lifts and set-up systems guarantee a thorough cleaning of hard to reach building parts.

Keeping glass clean is more important than you think. Dirt is difficult to remove after a long time.

Die transparente Oberfläche "Glas" ist ein unebenes Material und weist viele kleine Unebenheiten auf, in denen sich Schmutzpartikel ablagern. Wenn sich Schmutzpartikel über einen längeren Zeitraum wiederholt ansammeln und erstarren, wird das Glas trüb, milchig oder blind.

It is also the case that glass cleaning is an important part of the feeling of wellbeing. This can be done once or at a contractually specified interval determined by the customer. Glass cleaning includes interior and exterior cleaning, frames and rebates, as required, with plastic, metal and anodised frames also thoroughly cleaned as needed.

Assign Multiservice Gebäudereinigung from Sulzbach am Taunus to the glass cleaning and frame cleaning of your office buildings!

The advantages of our glass and frame cleaning

  • Cleaning of glass and facade parts of any kind
  • Special equipment for hard-to-reach areas
  • Fast, reliable and thorough cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly technology

When cleaning glass and all our services, we pay particular attention to the fulfillment of current environmental standards. This includes the resource-saving use of water and energy as well as the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents and techniques.

We ensure everywhere a radiant result and a clear view.

The windows of your company or apartment say it all: when they are clear and flashing, the people working behind them also have a clear view. Even with your customers leaves a bright window front always a lasting positive impression. That's why we regularly bring new shine to your discs. Whether ground-floor shop windows or office windows in dizzying heights, illuminated letters, industrial glazing or lighting systems - we create a crystal-clear view!

You can rest assured that taking care of your building or your home is safe with us.

If you want to keep windows clean in the long term, have your windows, glass facades, winter gardens and everything else cleaned professionally on a regular basis.

Latest modification: 23.10.2023